About us

Developed in 2017 by artists with a passion for stickers, Sticker Guerrilla is a sticker company unlike any other.

Sticker Guerrilla began in early August of 2017 when some friends decided to come up with a way to sell their art at affordable prices. After several discussions, Sticker Guerrilla was born with the goal of providing artists with the best quality stickers possible at an affordable price. They started out by selling all sorts of their designs as stickers online through social media. In late September of 2017 the team purchased a sticker vending machine as a way to sell their stickers in stores. In October of 2017 the team decided to create a sticker event showcasing their stickers and new found company along with other local artist’s stickers.

The company grew quicker, customers started asking Sticker Guerrilla to print their own custom stickers. By November of 2017, the company kept printing stickers with the goal of providing affordable quality stickers, fast turnaround and excellent customer service.

Recently our demand for a wider selection of options has grown, and we’ve navigated our way into the business of creating custom products.

All of our Stickers and Products are designed and made in U.S.A. with quality materials. They also come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.